Bankoff Family

Netanel Bankoff

m: Mary Bankoff

  Nickname(s): S. (Sanel?)

  Hebrew name(s): Netanel

Mary Bankoff

b: 1836, Russia

i: 1889

d: May 20, 1897, NY,NY

  Maiden name: Rosenstein,Buckstein,Burstein

  Middle name: Rachel

Freda Bankoff

b: c.1850

  1. Aaron Bankoff
  2. Mendel Bankoff
  3. Sarah Schneider

Noah Bankoff

b: 1855

i: February 14, 1904

  1. Edward Bank
  2. Sam Bankoff
  3. Ida Sarin
  4. Abraham Bankoff

Hoda Epstein

b: c.1861

i: 1895

  Maiden name: Bankoff

  Nickname(s): Honey, Hadus

  1. Jacob Epstein
  2. Rebecca Berdow
  3. Ida Kean
  4. Celia Baron
  5. Meyer Epstein
  6. Max Epstein

Nathan Bankoff

b: 1862, Russia

m: Chama Sarah Bankoff

i: 1903

d: August 14, 1922, Bronx,NY

  1. Sam Bank
  2. Abraham Bank

Sarah Bloom

b: c.1866, Minsk

m: 1890 Henry Bloom

i: c.1880

d: May 18, 1943, Pittsburgh,PA

  Maiden name: Bankoff

  1. Florence Roberts
  2. Sadie Bloom
  3. Mary Rosenberg
  4. Samuel Bloom
  5. Benjamin Bloom
  6. Joseph Bloom

Ida Goldberg

b: 1866, Minsk

m: 1891 Isaak Goldberg

i: 1888

d: October 1, 1942, Brooklyn,NY

  Maiden name: Bankoff

Jennie Albert

b: 1871, Minsk

m: 1890

m2: 1911

d: November 24, 1937

  Maiden name: Bankoff

  1. Gertrude Greenfield
  2. Mary Rodda
  3. Joseph Albert
  4. Sophie Cotton
  5. Max Albert

Mollie Levy

b: c.1874

m: 1891

i: 1890

  Maiden name: Bankoff

  1. Dora Gerber
  2. Sadie Siegel
  3. Fanny Kaplan
  4. Charles Lovejoy
  5. Richard Lovejoy

Anna Wesoky

b: December 19, 1879, Russia

m: January 26, 1897 NY,NY Jacob Wesoky

i: c.1887

d: October 15, 1968

  Maiden name: Bankoff

  Middle name: Zelda

  Hebrew name(s): Chana Zelda bat Netanel

  1. Samuel Wesoky
  2. Mary Hepps
  3. Maurice Wesoky
  4. Esther Silver
  5. Helen Charlson
  6. Joseph Wesoky

Bankoff Family Overview

Prior to May 2012 I knew very little about this family. I got their name from Annie's 1/26/1897 marriage cert. Looking for more Bankoffs on the LES (both in census records and Trow's NYC Directory) proved a dead end -- there were a couple Maxes from Minsk who may have been relatives, but no way to determine at that time based on the little info I had.

Later I found this picture from Grandma Hepps, which got me to the six sisters (and decided Max was not a brother). From there I found Sarah Bloom's obituary which led me to censuses that told me she is from Minsk, but otherwise up-ended everything I thought about their immigration story.

A breakthrough came on May 1, 2012, when I found the probate announcement for Ida Goldberg's will. The next day in Brooklyn Surrogate's Court I review the whole probate file and added fifty people to the Bankoff tree. I confirmed the identities of all 6 sisters and added another sister (maybe?) and two brothers (maybe???). It turns out one of those Maxes is the the son of the maybe-sister Frieda.

Poor Ida had no children of her own, and it appears a grandniece and step-granddaughter squabbled terribly over her estate, but 70 years after she died, her will is a major gift to me. It appears she was truly a devout woman, having left money to a number of Jewish charities, perpetual care for her mother's grave (in Washington Cemetery! what a find!), and a stipend for a rabbi if he said "the prayer known in Hebrew as 'kaddish' for the repose of [her] soul...for a period of one year persuant to the Jewish custom and religion."

11/29/2013: Janis Wesoky Oaks, granddaughter of Annie Bankoff Wesoky, says that Annie was the youngest of *16* children. Did the ones not mentioned in Ida's will not immigrate to the US?


Where in Minsk are they from? Nathan Bankoff, son of Mary and Netanel, was buried with the Korelitzer Society (fullname: Chevra Bnei Itzchock Ichiel Anshei Korelitz; incorporated 1904 (also this, but I think it's the other one))in Mt. Zion Cemetery! Does this mean that Korelichi/Korelitz is the town they are from????

Mary Bankoff and daughter Ida are buried with Minsker Independent Benevolent Association of the City of New York (also), incorporated 1902, though frame is dated 1901 and says 12/27/1892 at the top.

6/17/2012: Today Eve (ggd of Jennie) shared Jennie's deportation hearing transcript, which gives Jennie's birthplace as Lachovitch! Finally a shtetl with a real research community around it!

1874 Men of Lyakhovichi
Page Surname Given name Father Relationship to Head of Household Age on documents Age on appearance Date of revision Place of registration Place of residence Houseowner Mark about absence Date Town uyezd (county) Guberniya Type of Record Archive / Fond / Inventory / File
420 BANKOV Samuel Iosel Head of Household 46 46 Lyakhovichi Lyakhovichi, Shkolnaya street Kunitsa Abram 21.11.1874 Lyakhovichi Slutsk Minsk List of Jewish Males NHAB/330/1/111
420 BANKOV Nevakh Samuel Son 22 Lyakhovichi Lyakhovichi, Shkolnaya street Kunitsa Abram Kletsk 21.11.1874 Lyakhovichi Slutsk Minsk List of Jewish Males NHAB/330/1/111
477 BANKOV Iosel Mendel Head of Household 70 70 1858 Lyakhovichi Lyakhovichi, Shkolnaya street Jewish society 22.11.1874 Lyakhovichi Slutsk Minsk List of Jewish Males NHAB/330/1/111
1859-89 Supplemental List (1874 for your record)
Page # Registration # Surname Given Name Father Relationship to Head of Household Age Age at Last Revision Reason Left Year Left Comments Former Reg # Day Month Year Town Uyezd Guberniya Type of Record Archive / Fond / Inventory / File Microfilm #
869. 120 BANKOV Nevakh San Head of Household 22 3 November 1874 Lyakhovichi Slutsk Minsk Additional Revision List 333/9/910
Tax Lists
63 Bankov Sanel' Yoselev 55 1884 Electors
Lyakhovichi Houses
Year of records' check up Name of homeowner Street
1874 Bankov Yosel, son of Mendel (public house) Shkolnaya


Can't find anything besides Annie? No censuses, nothing. Ida Goldberg probate file filled in a lot!
Korelitz/Korelichi Try RTR: Also YIVO landsmanschatn records!
Get records for each new branch of the family found from the probate file

Events & Records

1836 Birth of Mary (Rosenstein,Buckstein,Burstein) Bankoff
c. 1850 Birth of Freda Bankoff
1855 Birth of Noah Bankoff
c. 1861 Birth of Hoda (Bankoff) Epstein
1862 Birth of Nathan Bankoff
c. 1866 Birth of Sarah (Bankoff) Bloom
1866 Birth of Ida (Bankoff) Goldberg
1871 Birth of Jennie (Bankoff) Albert
c. 1874 Birth of Mollie (Bankoff) Levy
1879-12 Birth of Anna (Bankoff) Wesoky
c. 1880 Immigration of Sarah Bloom
c. 1887 Immigration of Anna Wesoky
1888 Immigration of Ida Goldberg
1888-01 Ida Goldberg immigration story
1889 Immigration of Mary Bankoff
1890 Marriage of Jennie Albert & ---
1890 Marriage of Henry Bloom & Sarah Bloom
1890 Immigration of Mollie Levy
1891 Marriage of Mollie Levy & ---
1891 Marriage of Ida Goldberg & ---
1892-06 Birth of Florence (Bloom) Roberts
1894-09 Birth of Sadie Bloom
1895 Immigration of Hoda Epstein
1897-01 Marriage of Jacob Wesoky & Anna Wesoky
1897-05 Death of Mary Bankoff
1897-12 Birth of Samuel Wesoky
1899-11 Birth of Mary (Bloom) Rosenberg
1900-03 Birth of Mary (Wesoky) Hepps
1900-06 Address of Bloom family
1900-06 Address of Kopasac
1903 Immigration of Nathan Bankoff
1904 Birth of Samuel Bloom
1904-02 Immigration of Noah Bankoff
1905-05 Birth of Maurice Wesoky
1908 Birth of Benjamin Bloom
1908-11 Birth of Esther (Wesoky) Silver
1910-04 Address of Jacob Wesoky family
1910-04 Address of Bloom family
1910-04 Address of Jennie Albert and family
1910-04 Address of Ida Goldberg with Shapankas
1911 Marriage of Jennie Albert & ---
1912 Birth of Joseph Bloom
1912-12 Birth of Helen (Wesoky) Charlson
1915-06 Address of Nathan Bankoff family
1915-06 Address of Mollie Levy family
1915-11 Birth of Joseph Wesoky
1918-09 WWI draft registration for Sam Wesoky
1920-01 Address of Jacob Wesoky family
1920-01 Address of Bloom family
1920-01 Address of Mollie Levy family
1920-01 Address of Nathan Bankoff family
1921-10 Marriage of Harry Rosenberg & Mary Rosenberg
1922-08 Death of Nathan Bankoff
1923-03 Court Records
1925-06 Address of Mollie Levy family
1925-12 Marriage of Rhea Wesoky & Samuel Wesoky
1926-08 Marriage of Mary Hepps & Jacob Hepps
1926-10 Birth
1928-04 Birth
1928-06 Marriage of Lena Nesvisky & Maurice Wesoky
1928-12 Birth of Jerome Wesoky
1930-04 Address of Ida Goldberg with Shapankas
1930-04 Address of Rebecca Berdow with married daughter
1930-04 Birth
1930-04 Address of Hepps and Wesokys
1930-04 Address of Bloom family
1933-06 Birth
1936-03 Marriage of Joseph Silver & Esther Silver
1936-08 Birth
1937-11 Death of Jennie Albert
1939-03 Marriage of Lena Wesoky & Joseph Wesoky
1939-05 Marriage of Raymond Charlson & Helen Charlson
1940-02 Birth
1940-04 Address of Ida Goldberg with Haskelkorns
1940-04 Address of Meyer Epstein
1940-04 Address of Jacob Hepps family
1940-04 Address of Ida Kean
1940-04 Address of Sarah Bloom and family
1942-05 Birth
1942-10 Death of Ida Goldberg
1943-05 Death of Sarah Bloom
1944-12 Birth
1946-06 Birth
1947-05 Birth
1949-12 Birth
1957-02 Death of Samuel Bloom
1965-10 Death of Samuel Wesoky
1968-10 Death of Anna Wesoky
1971-05 Death of Maurice Wesoky
1978-07 Death of Joseph Wesoky
1979-11 Death of Sadie Bloom
1981-02 Death of Esther Silver
1986-02 Death of Mary Hepps