Wesoky Family

Julius Wesoky

b: c.1854, Minsk

m: 1872 Russia Anna Wesoky

i: August 1890

d: May 28, 1928, Brooklyn,NY

  Hebrew name(s): Yehudah ben Moshe

Anna Wesoky

b: c.1854, Russia

m: 1892 Russia

i: 1892

d: October 27, 1917, Pittsburgh,PA

  Maiden name: Chatak, Chetau, Gietof

Sarah Goodman

b: c.1871

m: September 13, 1892 NY,NY Max Goodman

i: 1891

d: November 7, 1927, Brooklyn,NY

  Maiden name: Wesoky

  1. Esther Siegal
  2. Fannie Scheinblum
  3. Helen Rafshoon
  4. Jessie Goodman
  5. Daisy Fleishhaker

Jacob Wesoky

b: December 15, 1875, Russia

m: January 26, 1897 NY,NY Anna Wesoky

i: January 18, 1891

d: April 28, 1929, Pittsburgh,PA

  Middle name: Mortimer

  Hebrew name(s): Yaakov Mordecai ben Yehuda

  1. Samuel Wesoky
  2. Mary Hepps
  3. Maurice Wesoky
  4. Esther Silver
  5. Helen Charlson
  6. Joseph Wesoky

Minnie Fine

b: 1877

m: June 5, 1895 NY,NY Abraham Herman

m2: October 2, 1899 NY,NY Isaac Fine

i: c.1892

d: October 28, 1932, Brooklyn,NY

  Maiden name: Wesoky

  1. Estella Elster
  2. Lillian Shookoff
  3. Morris Fine
  4. Helen Fine

Louis Wesoky

b: c.1879, Russia

m: November 1, 1905 Pittsburgh,PA Lena Wesoky

i: September 15, 1891

d: September 20, 1937, Pittsburgh,PA

  1. Howard Wesoky
  2. Morris Wesoky
  3. Jessie Wesoky
  4. Gertrude Wesoky
  5. Joseph Wesoky
  6. Esther Wesoky
  7. William Wesoky
  8. Abraham Wesoky
  9. Anna Wesoky
  10. Norman Wesoky
  11. Rosalyn Wesoky
  12. LIVING

Rebecca Luskin

b: c.1884, Russia

m: 1906 PA Max Luskin

i: 1892

  Maiden name: Wesoky

  Nickname(s): Becca,Beckie,Bettie

  1. Morris Luskin

Other Wesoky Records

The Real Estate Record

The Real Estate Record is a weekly report of building activity in New York City and its environs. It has the earliest records of the family in the U.S. starting with a mention of Julius in 1892!

  • June 18, 1892 Kings County Mechanics' Liens: 15 June Moore st. No 40 s e cor Ewen st. 25x--. Julius Wesoky and Barney Goldstein agt Barney Boshatsky, owner, and Wolf Balleisen, contractor......155 00
  • January 12, 1895 Miscellaneous Chattels: (mortgager) Goodman, Max. 183 Orchard...(mortgagee) J Wesoky. Horse, Wagon, &c. 150
  • August 17, 1895 Miscellaneous Chattels: (mortgager) Wesoky, Julius. 175 Eldridge...(mortgagee) P Reidenbach. Wagon. 100
  • August 7, 1897 Chattels, Bills of Sale: (mortgager) Wesoky & Spector. 68-70 Stanton...(mortgagee) I Rosenblum. Grocery Fixtures. 500
  • August 14, 1897 Chattels, Bills of Sale: (mortgager) Wesoky, Jacob. 333 Madison...J Alpent. Butter Store Fixtures. 300
  • August 14, 1897 Miscellaneous Chattels: (mortgager) Wesoky, Jacob. 333 Madison..I Goldberg. Horse, &c. 175
  • October 14, 1899 Miscellaneous Chattels: (mortgager) Wesoky, Annie. 272 Stanton..M. Fine Grocery Fixtures. 150
  • March 7, 1908 March 2 Judgement debtors: (not summoned) Wesoky, Jacob and Annie—Abraham Weinstock......232.81

The Max Goodman mentioned above is Julius' son-in-law. His name shows up often. He signed Julius' petition for naturalization in 1905, and he is Jacob's business partner in the butter (or should I say "butter") business in Pgh. When Jacob was in Leavenworth, his story of his crime on his Trusty Prisoner's Agreement implicates Max for shipping the oleo from Chicago.

Trow's New York City Directory

In May 2010 I visited the New York Historical Society and looked for them in the 1888-1907 volumes. Here's what came up:

  • 1896-7: Wesoky, Jacob     butter
    160 Norfolk, h 167
        —J & Sons Butter, 160 Norfolk
  • 1897-8: Wesoky, Jacob     grocer
    333 Madison, h 23 Seammel
  • 1901-2: Wesoky, Anna     butter
    272 Stanton

For context, Jacob's first child, Samuel, was born 12/21/1897 in Brooklyn. His second child, my grandmother Mary, was born 3/14/1900 in Bayonne, NJ. Jacob's first margarine run-in was documented in the papers in early 1902. By October 1903 he was in Pittsburgh, where he was naturalized.

(There's also a reference to a grocer named Abraham Wesoky (1901-2) and a milliner named Bertha Wesoky (1903-4), but I don't know who they are. Given that "Beckie" shows up as a milliner in Pittsburgh in 1904 (see below), I am going to assume this is yet another experiment with the American name she wished to take for herself.)

Pittsburgh and Allegheny directory

Fortunately these volumes are online. Here are the personal records they contain (the businesses mentioned are duplicated in the business section; gaps of years in the below are because those volumes aren't online):
  • 1904: Wesoky, Jacob of Goodman & Wesoky 1320 Clark h same
    Wesoky, Beckie millinery 28 Townsend h 12 same
  • 1905: Wesoky, Jacob (Goodman & Wesoky) h 1320 Clark
    Wesoky, Beckie milinery 28 Townsend h same
    Wesoky, Jacob produce 12 Townsend
    Wesoky, Wm produce 12 Townsend
  • 1907: Wesoky Jacob butter 65 Logan h 12 Townsend (Jacob is also listed in the real estate section)
    Wesoky Louis butter 1409 Franklin
  • 1908: Wesoky Jacob real est 12 Townsend
  • 1911: Wesoky Jacob real est 4 La Place
  • 1912: Wesoky Louis driver driver 1401 Hazel
  • 1914: Wesoky J 1921 Webster av
    Wesoky Jacob real est 2212 La Place
    Wesoky L slsmn 1921 Webster av
  • 1915: Wesoky Julius real est 1921 Webster av
    Wesoky Louis slsmn 1921 Webster av
    Wesoky Saml student 12 La Place

The online directories continue through 1930, though I am not transcribing them all here as they mostly continue the previous patterns. As the years go by, more and more Wesokys show up -- both the grown children (male and female) of Jacob and Louis as well as their mother and Jacob's wife. Highlights: Mary Wesoky starting showing up in 1917 as a stenographer and later a bookkeeper. Her brother Samuel starts as an agent in 1917 and eventually starts (?) the National Extract Co, which remains his business. In 1918-9 Louis is listed with the Natl Butter & Egg Co. with David Dickman. Jacob's family shows up on Callowhill for the first time in 1922. His real estate company is referred to as A & S Real Estate Co. starting 1927. In 1929 it is The Centre Ave Real Estate Co, and the people listed are Saml and and Mrs. Annie Wesoky, though in 1930 it is just Annie, and she is listed as Jacob's widow. (Jacob died 4/28/29; his last listing is in the 1928 book.)

Incidentally, there are a lot of ads for the "Center Real Estate Company, Samuel Wesoky, Broker" in the Pittsburgh Jewish Criterion, for example this. There may be many more business records of interest here.

The Landsmanschaft

Minsker Independent Benevolent Association of the City of New York (also), incorporated 1902, though frame is dated 1901 and says 12/27/1892 at the top. MBIA photo index.

Cong Orach Chaim is where Jacob & Anna Wesoky were married. Does this reveal anything?

The last name

Possible provenances of the last name from A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire

  • No Wesoky listed (Visok, Visotzskij)
  • Visok (Grodno) T: from the townlet Vysoko (Brest d.) {Vysochuk (Visochuk), Vysotskij (Visotskij), Vysoker}
  • Visostskij (Brest) T: see Visok: see Vysotskij
  • Vysotskij (Shavli, common in Pinsky; Rovno, common is Bialystok; Brest Slonim, Kobrin, Ushitsa) T: see Visok T: from Vysotsk (townlet in the Rovno d.; village in the Slonim d.) {Visotskij}
  • Vysokij (Odessa, Orgeev) N: tall [Russian]

Conversation with Lev on the name

  • Q: How do you say "your highness" in Russian? And is the name Wesoky in any way related to any kind of Russian honorific (or any Russian word whatsoever)?
  • A: Vashe vysochestvo would be how I would say it. And Wesoky is related to "high". Pretty much means "high", through a couple of transliterations. Phonetically it's vysokij, with the "y" in all cases being not an "ee" sound like in English but a sound English doesn't really have.

Howard Wesoky on JewishGen

Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 09:07:00 -0400
From: vcharny@aol.com
Subject: Re: WESOKY / Vysokoye

WESOKY (in my transliteration from Ryssuan VYSOKY with meaning "tall") was rare name in Minsk Gubernia. I am familiar with references to the name from town of Minsk and Samokhvalovichi of Minsk uyezd (district). Samokhvalovichi is Minsk suburb now. Most possibly it is one extended family lived in both locations.

Vitaly Charny
Birmingham, AL

Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 10:30:25 -0400
From: "Howard Wesoky"
Subject: Re: X-Message-Number: 2, May 8, re Vysokoye

In regards to Adar Belinkoff's question of May 8, I was told that my family name, Wesoky, means "long" or "tall" in some eastern European languages. And, in fact, while visiting Cracow, Poland two years ago, my wife and I stumbled upon a bank building that was formally the high synagogue and incorporated a name similar to Wesoky. It was certainly a pleasure to have my name pronounced correctly throughout that part of the world.

My father believed that his father came from Minsk; however, Minsk is, of course, a region as well as a city. Therefore, I've felt that my grandfather may have come from one of the many Vysokoyes that Adar Belinkoff notes. I believe that all with the family name spelled Wesoky are related because of an incident or incidents at a port of entry. This information does not directly help Mr. Belinkoff, but it does certainly indicate that there are possibly many others with similar questions of genealogy.

Howard Wesoky
Springfield, VA


Doctors to the czar?
Where from? Minsk!
Overall immigration story -- who/when? Mystery of the immigration records -- none of the dates matches and can't find matches for name under other times
Annie Wesoky's family? Anything?

Anna Wesoky

Get proper image of Jacob Wesoky's WWI draft reg card Fixed now on Ancestry

Jacob Wesoky

Events & Records

c. 1854 Birth of Julius Wesoky
c. 1854 Birth of Anna (Chatak, Chetau, Gietof) Wesoky
c. 1871 Birth of Sarah (Wesoky) Goodman
1872 Marriage of Anna Wesoky & Julius Wesoky
1875-12 Birth of Jacob Wesoky
1877 Birth of Minnie (Wesoky) Fine
c. 1879 Birth of Louis Wesoky
c. 1884 Birth of Rebecca (Wesoky) Luskin
1890-08 Immigration of Julius Wesoky
1891 Immigration of Sarah Goodman
1891-01 Immigration of Jacob Wesoky
1891-09 Immigration of Louis Wesoky
1892 Immigration of Anna Wesoky
c. 1892 Immigration of Minnie Fine
1892 Immigration of Rebecca Luskin
1892-09 Marriage of Max Goodman & Sarah Goodman
1893-06 Birth of Esther Siegal
1895-06 Marriage of Abraham Herman & Minnie Fine
1897-01 Marriage of Jacob Wesoky & Anna Wesoky
1897-12 Birth of Fannie (Goodman) Scheinblum
1897-12 Birth of Samuel Wesoky
1899-10 Marriage of Isaac Fine & Minnie Fine
1900-03 Birth of Mary (Wesoky) Hepps
1900-06 Address of Julius Wesoky family
1900-06 Address of Kopasac
1900-06 Address of Goodman family
1900-06 Address of Fine family
1902-02 New York Tribune
1902-02 Brooklyn Eagle article
1902-04 Trenton Evening Times
1903 Birth of Helen (Goodman) Rafshoon
1903-10 Petition for Naturalization for Jacob Wesoky
1903-10 Petition for Naturalization for Louis Wesoky
1904-01 Birth of Estella (Fine) Elster
1905 Birth of Jessie Goodman
1905-05 Birth of Maurice Wesoky
1905-06 Address of Fine family
1905-09 Petition for Citizenship for Julius Wesoky
1905-11 Marriage of Lena Wesoky & Louis Wesoky
1906 Marriage of Rebecca Luskin & ---
1907 Birth of Lillian (Fine) Shookoff
1907 Birth of Howard Wesoky
1908 Birth of Morris Wesoky
1908-11 Birth of Esther (Wesoky) Silver
1909 Birth of Morris Fine
1909 Birth of Jessie Wesoky
1909-03 National Labor Tribune
1910 Birth of Gertrude Wesoky
1910-01 Court Records
1910-01 The Washington Times
1910-01 The Baltimore Sun
1910-04 Address of Jacob Wesoky family
1910-04 Address of Julius Wesoky family
1910-04 Address of Goodman and Fine families
1910-05 Court Records
1910-06 Court Records
1911 Birth of Helen Fine
1911 Birth of Morris Luskin
1912 Marriage of George Siegal & Esther Siegal
1912-11 Birth of Joseph Wesoky
1912-12 Birth of Helen (Wesoky) Charlson
1913-02 Death of Joseph Wesoky
1915 Birth of Esther Wesoky
1915-06 Address of Fine family
1915-11 Birth of Joseph Wesoky
1916 Birth of Bernice (Siegal) Shullman
1916-01 Marriage of Sam Scheinblum & Fannie Scheinblum
1917 Birth of Daisy (Goodman) Fleishhaker
1917 Birth of William Wesoky
1917-01 WWI draft registration for Louis Wesoky
1917-10 Death of Anna Wesoky
1918-09 WWI draft registration for Sam Wesoky
1918-09 WWI draft registration for Jacob Wesoky
1918-11 Birth of Abraham Wesoky
1918-12 Death of Abraham Wesoky
1920 Birth of Anna Wesoky
1920-01 Address of Jacob Wesoky family
1920-01 Address of Julius Wesoky family
1920-01 Address of Fine family
1920-01 Address of Goodman family
1921 Birth of Annella (Siegal) Leibel
1923-06 Marriage of Max Elster & Estella Elster
1924 Birth of Norman Wesoky
1924-07 Birth of Claire Elster
1925-06 Address of Elster familly
1925-09 Marriage of Jacob Rafshoon & Helen Rafshoon
1925-12 Marriage of Rhea Wesoky & Samuel Wesoky
1926 Birth of Rosalyn Wesoky
1926-08 Marriage of Mary Hepps & Jacob Hepps
1926-10 Birth
1927 Birth of Charles Maurice Rafshoon
1927-11 Death of Sarah Goodman
1928 Birth
1928-04 Birth
1928-05 Death of Julius Wesoky
1928-06 Marriage of Lena Nesvisky & Maurice Wesoky
1928-12 Birth of Jerome Wesoky
1929-04 Death of Jacob Wesoky
1929-12 Birth of Sanford Siegal
1930-04 Address of Fine family
1930-04 Address of George H. Siegal family
1930-04 Address
1930-04 Birth
1930-04 Address of Louis Wesoky family
1930-04 Address of Hepps and Wesokys
1931-02 Marriage of William Shookoff & Lillian Shookoff
1932 Birth
1932-10 Death of Minnie Fine
1933-06 Birth
1936-03 Marriage of Joseph Silver & Esther Silver
1936-08 Birth
1937-09 Death of Louis Wesoky
1939-03 Marriage of Lena Wesoky & Joseph Wesoky
1939-05 Marriage of Raymond Charlson & Helen Charlson
1940-02 Birth
1940-04 Address of Jacob Hepps family
1940-04 Address of Elster family
1940-04 Address
1940-04 Address
1942-05 Birth
1944-12 Birth
1946-06 Birth
1947-05 Birth
1949-12 Birth
1965-10 Death of Samuel Wesoky
1971-05 Death of Maurice Wesoky
1978-07 Death of Joseph Wesoky
1981-02 Death of Esther Silver
1986-02 Death of Mary Hepps
1991-01 Death of Helen Rafshoon
1997-02 Death of Estella Elster


  • Pittsburgh,PA
    Marriage of Mary Hepps & Jacob Hepps, 1926-8-18
    Birth, 1940-2-29
    Birth of Esther (Wesoky) Silver, 1908-11-11
    and 23 more
  • Bayonne,NJ
    Birth of Mary (Wesoky) Hepps, 1900-3-14
  • PA
    Death of Mary Hepps, 1986-2-17
    Birth of Helen (Goodman) Rafshoon, 1903
    Birth of Jessie Goodman, 1905
  • Beaver Falls,PA
    Birth, 1928-4-8
  • 4 Laplace St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Jacob Wesoky family, 1910-4-5
  • 12 Laplace St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Jacob Wesoky family, 1920-1-3
    WWI draft registration for Sam Wesoky, 1918-9-12
  • 1418 N. St. Clair,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Hepps and Wesokys, 1930-4-23
  • 471 Ave. C,Bayonne,NJ
    Address of Kopasac, 1900-6-9
  • 1411 North Euclid Ave,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Jacob Hepps family, 1940-4-6
  • Brooklyn,NY
    Birth of Samuel Wesoky, 1897-12-19
    Death of Julius Wesoky, 1928-5-28
    Death of Sarah Goodman, 1927-11-7
    and 5 more
  • NY,NY
    Marriage of Jacob Wesoky & Anna Wesoky, 1897-1-26
    Marriage of Max Goodman & Sarah Goodman, 1892-9-13
    Birth of Fannie (Goodman) Scheinblum, 1897-12
    and 4 more
  • Russia
    Birth of Jacob Wesoky, 1875-12-15
    Marriage of Anna Wesoky & Julius Wesoky, 1872
    Birth of Louis Wesoky, c. 1879
    and 2 more
  • 1320 Clark St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Petition for Naturalization for Jacob Wesoky, 1903-10-3
  • 87 Jefferson Ave.,Jersey City,NJ
    New York Tribune, 1902-2-1
    Brooklyn Eagle article, 1902-2-7
  • 12 LaPlace,Pittsburgh,PA
    WWI draft registration for Jacob Wesoky, 1918-9-12
  • Minsk
    Birth of Julius Wesoky, c. 1854
  • 272 Stanton St.
    Address of Julius Wesoky family, 1900-6-1
  • 1921 Webster Ave.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Julius Wesoky family, 1910-4-19
    Address of Julius Wesoky family, 1920-1-6
    WWI draft registration for Louis Wesoky, 1917-1-1
  • 12 Townsend St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Petition for Citizenship for Julius Wesoky, 1905-9-27
  • NY
    Birth of Esther Siegal, 1893-6-14
    Birth of Daisy (Goodman) Fleishhaker, 1917
  • 358 E. 3rd St.,NY,NY
    Address of Goodman family, 1900-6-14
  • 225 Erin St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Goodman and Fine families, 1910-4-27
  • 140 Bushwick Ave.,NY,NY
    Address of Goodman family, 1920-1-12
  • Baltimore,MD
    Birth of Lillian (Fine) Shookoff, 1907
    Birth of Morris Fine, 1909
  • 350 East Third St,NY,NY
    Address of Fine family, 1900-6-15
  • 166 Manhattan Ave,Brooklyn,NY
    Address of Fine family, 1920-1-10
  • 1075 First Ave,NY,NY
    Address of Fine family, 1905-6-1
  • 322 E 100th St,NY,NY
    Address of Fine family, 1915-6-1
  • 1674 58th St,Brooklyn,NY
    Address of Fine family, 1930-4-3
  • 1134 N. St. Clair St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of Louis Wesoky family, 1930-4-16
  • 1343 Clark St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Petition for Naturalization for Louis Wesoky, 1903-10-3
  • 1040 Mirror St,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address, 1940-4-13
  • Miami,FL
    Death of Estella Elster, 1997-2-20
  • 99 Manhattan Ave,Brooklyn,NY
    Address of Elster familly, 1925-6-1
  • 1721 58th St, Brooklyn,NY
    Address of Elster family, 1940-4-6
  • New Jersey
    Birth of Bernice (Siegal) Shullman, 1916
  • Pennsylvania
    Birth of Annella (Siegal) Leibel, 1921
    Birth of Sanford Siegal, 1929-12-28
  • 3310 Juliet St.,Pittsburgh,PA
    Address of George H. Siegal family, 1930-4-4
  • Fulton,GA
    Death of Helen Rafshoon, 1991-1-29
  • 202 Graham Ave.,Brooklyn,NY
    Address, 1930-4-7
  • 48 Barlett St,Brooklyn,NY
    Address, 1940-4-6