Davis Family

Isaac Davis

b: c.1850, Zhurawno?

m: 1873 Sarah Davis

i: 1872

d: December 19, 1916, Brooklyn,NY

  Hebrew name(s): Yitzchak bar David

Sarah Davis

b: c.1851

m: 1873

i: c.1870

d: January 5, 1922, Brooklyn,NY

  Maiden name: Lowenthal,Levinthal,Hollander

  Hebrew name(s): Sarah bat R. Pesach

Rachel Namm

b: March 14, 1877, NY,NY

m: September 4, 1910 Brooklyn,NY Joseph Namm

  Maiden name: Davis

  Nickname(s): Ray

  1. Paul Namm
  2. Murray Namm

Rebecca Block

b: c.1879, NY,NY

m: 1901 NY,NY Martin Block

  Maiden name: Davis

  Nickname(s): Bertha

  1. Ethel Block
  2. George Block

Eva Zuckerman

b: February 4, 1882, NY,NY

m: March 21, 1905 NY,NY Harry Zuckerman

  Maiden name: Davis

  1. Paul Zuckerman
  2. Bernard Zuckerman
  3. Irvin Zuckerman

Harry Davis

b: March 25, 1886, NY,NY

m: May 23, 1915 Brooklyn,NY Tillie Davis

d: November 6, 1965, Philadelphia,PA

  1. Max Davis
  2. Isabelle Davis

Jacob Davis

b: November 1888, NY,NY

m: September 16, 1919 Brooklyn,NY Katie Davis

  Nickname(s): Jack

  1. Henrietta Davis
  2. Stanley Davis
  3. Marvin Davis

Nathan Davis

b: c.1890, NY,NY

d: July 24, 1912, NY,NY

Davis Family Overview

I can't put together an immigration story for this part of the family. The first record I have for Isaac is his name in Trow's NY Directory for 1873-4. Sarah's first record is the 1880 census. The barely legible 1900 census says they are married 27 years, or c. 1873. It says Isaac has been here 28 years. (It also says he is naturalized, but not able to locate that record.) It's very hard to make out what it says for Sarah -- maybe she's been here 30 years? 1910 census says either 1871 or 1878 as her year of arrival (the latter not possible since I have Rachel's 3/14/77 NYC birth certificate). The 1920 census says 1880, which isn't possible for the same reasons. Needless to say I can find no immigration or NY marriage records to clear up any of this.

The records are all over the place for where they are from -- Germany, Poland, or Russia. The most tantalizing record is daughter Eva's 1920 census, in which she says her mother is from Warsaw. (Eva was married in a synagogue whose community was people from Ostroleka, Poland. No idea if it was her family's or her husband's family's shul.) The strongest lead is Isaac & Sarah's graves in the cemetery section belonging to the Zurawner Lodge, the Zurawno, then part of Galicia (more history here). Though this isn't definitive proof that they are from here, it is likely they are at least from nearby. See the green pointer below:

View Davis-Yorker Family -- Towns in the Ukraine in a larger map

In the US the family resided first in the LES. Between 1905-1910 they moved to Brownsville, Brooklyn. They moved a lot! Zoom in and click on pointers to investigate each address -- or better yet, click on the link below the map to see the full version with additional commentary. (If you zoom way out, you'll see the Zuckerman's residences in PA.)

View Davis-Yorker Family -- Addresses in New York in a larger map

Read more about Brownsville from the Encyclopedia of American Jewish history.

Finally, these pictures probably include more Davises than I know right now.

The Landsmanshaft

Photo of Mt. Zion gate of Zurawner Lodge No. 33. I. Davis listed under officers as guard. Organized April 30, 1888. Dedicated June 20, 1909. Some Zurawno lodges listed on AJHS site, but are they this one? (A lodge, part of IOBA; another list of lodges at AJHS.)

Harry & Tillie married at "Ohav Sholom" in Brooklyn.


What was Davis name before changed (or was it not changed?)?
Where were Isaac and Sarah born? Every record says somewhere different and just country names?!

Isaac Davis

Sarah Davis

When/where were Isaac and Sarah married?
  • Failed to find NYC marriage cert (Tried "I D[aeiou]." Also tried all Isaacs married to Sarahs between 1870-1877)
  • But census suggests they came and different times -- and Sarah first?! And same census has different birthplaces for both?

Isaac Davis

Sarah Davis

Can we find the arrival of the Davis family in Philadelphia? Were they at 416 Mifflin from the start? (They were there by 9/12/18, Harry's WWI draft card.)
  • Get Poppy's birth certificate (Phila by mail, NY -- Dept. Health post-1910)
  • Check Philly directory for Davises (think I tried this & failed)
  • They did live in the house in 1918 -- when did they purchase it? 5/17/19 -- maybe started renting and bought later? Book 575, page 122.

Harry Davis

Tillie Davis

Rebecca Davis in 1900 census ==> Bertha Black in Newark by 1916? 1910 and 1920 censuses found, emailed NJ State Archives for more

Rebecca Block

Can we get any more info on Sarah Levinthal's family?

Sarah Davis

Isaac & Sarah parents Have names from death certs -- anything else to do?

Isaac Davis

Sarah Davis

Harris & Rebecca Davis also in Zurawno plot -- anytihng? Looked at their death certs and 1910 census.
Zurawno Births 1841-1876 at Przemysl archive Nag Pamela! (Isaac/Sarah would be in 1850-2 range)

Events & Records

c. 1850 Birth of Isaac Davis
c. 1851 Birth of Sarah (Lowenthal,Levinthal,Hollander) Davis
c. 1870 Immigration of Sarah Davis
1872 Immigration of Isaac Davis
1873 Marriage of Sarah Davis & Isaac Davis
1877-03 Birth of Rachel (Davis) Namm
c. 1879 Birth of Rebecca (Davis) Block
1880-06 Address of I. Davis family
1882-02 Birth of Eva (Davis) Zuckerman
1886-03 Birth of Harry Davis
1888-11 Birth of Jacob Davis
c. 1890 Birth of Nathan Davis
1900-06 Address of I. Davis family
1901 Marriage of Martin Block & Rebecca Block
1901 Birth of Ethel Block
1905 Birth of George Block
1905-03 Marriage of Harry Zuckerman & Eva Zuckerman
1905-06 Address of I. Davis family
1906 Birth of Paul Zuckerman
1910 Birth of Bernard Zuckerman
1910-04 Address of Davis family
1910-04 Address of Zuckerman family
1910-04 Address of Block family
1910-09 Marriage of Joseph Namm & Rachel Namm
1912 Birth of Paul Namm
1912-07 Death of Nathan Davis
1915 Birth of Murray Namm
1915 Birth of Irvin Zuckerman
1915-05 Marriage of Tillie Davis & Harry Davis
1916-09 Birth of Max Davis
1916-12 Death of Isaac Davis
1916-12 Court Records
1916-12 Court Records
1917-02 Court Records
1917-02 Court Records
1918-09 WWI draft registration for Harry Davis
1919-02 Birth of Isabelle Davis
1919-05 Deed transfers of 416 Mifflin St.
1919-09 Marriage of Katie Davis & Jacob Davis
1920-01 Address of J. Davis with Wank family
1920-01 Address of Zuckerman family
1920-01 Address of H. Davis family
1920-01 Address of Sarah Davis and Namm family
1920-01 Address of Block family
1921 Birth of Henrietta Davis
1921-03 Death of Isabelle Davis
1922 Birth of Stanley Davis
1922-01 Death of Sarah Davis
1927 Birth of Marvin Davis
1930-01 Address of Zuckerman family
1930-04 Address of J. Davis family
1930-04 Address of H. Davis family
1930-04 Address of Namm family
1941-08 Marriage of Dorothy Davis & Max Davis
1942-04 WWII draft registration for Harry Davis
1945-01 Birth
1948-03 Birth
1965-11 Death of Harry Davis
2010-05 Death of Max Davis