Rosenbluh Family

Moricz Rosenbluh

m: Betti Rosenbluh

  Hebrew name(s): Moshe Yehudah

Betti Rosenbluh

  Maiden name: Weisz

Julia Hepps

b: 1864, Hungary

m: August 9, 1887 Miskolc,Hungary Adolph Hepps

i: 1896

d: 1947, Pittsburgh,PA

  Maiden name: Rosenbluh

  Hebrew name(s): Yoteh bat Moshe Yehudah

  1. Ella Hepps
  2. Abe Hepps
  3. Hazel Markowitz
  4. Jacob Hepps
  5. Elizabeth Nidoff
  6. Sam Hepps
  7. Martin Hepps

Berthe Hepps

b: 1871, Hungary

m: December 15, 1892 Miskolc,Hungary Bernhardt Hepps

i: 1892

d: July 1, 1957, Homestead,PA

  Maiden name: Rosenbluh

  Hebrew name(s): Biri,Devorah bat Moshe Yehuda

  1. Abraham Hepps
  2. Olga Keisler
  3. Hazel Newman
  4. Jacob Hepps
  5. Samuel Hepps
  6. Martin Hepps
  7. Herbert Hepps
  8. Maurice Hepps

Rosenbluh Family Overview

This is the family I know the least about. Two sisters married two Hepps brothers. The following comes from their Hungarian marriage certificates.

  • Parents: Betti Weisz and Moricz Rosenbluh
  • Julia Rosenbluh, b. 1865 in Szalonta, Hungary
  • Biri Rosenbluh, b. 1869 in Szalonta, Hungary
  • Brothers: Marton?


Rosenbluh -- possible to reconstruct in Hungary & US?

Events & Records

1864 Birth of Julia (Rosenbluh) Hepps
1871 Birth of Berthe (Rosenbluh) Hepps
1887-08 Marriage of Julia Hepps & Adolph Hepps
1888-06 Birth of Ella (Hepps) Hepps
1892 Immigration of Berthe Hepps
1892-04 Birth of Abe Hepps
1892-12 Marriage of Berthe Hepps & Bernhardt Hepps
1893-09 Birth of Abraham Hepps
1893-12 Birth of Hazel (Hepps) Markowitz
1894-12 Birth of Olga (Hepps) Keisler
1896 Immigration of Julia Hepps
1896 Immigration of Ella Hepps
1896 Immigration of Abe Hepps
1896 Immigration of Hazel Markowitz
1896-05 Birth of Hazel (Hepps) Newman
1897-07 Birth of Jacob Hepps
1898-10 Birth of Elizabeth (Hepps) Nidoff
1898-12 Birth of Jacob Hepps
1900-06 Address of Adolph Hepps family
1901-03 Birth of Samuel Hepps
1904-04 Birth of Herbert Hepps
1904-04 Birth of Martin Hepps
1905-01 Birth of Sam Hepps
1907-01 Birth of Maurice Hepps
1910-05 Address of Bernhardt Hepps and Adolph Hepps families
1911-07 Birth of Beatrice (Hepps) Eisenberg
1913-01 Birth of Sadie (Hepps) Hershkowitz
1918-03 Birth of Bertha (Hepps) Klein
1918-09 WWI draft registration for Jacob Hepps
1919-12 Birth of Edward Hepps
1920-01 Death of Maurice Hepps
1920-01 Address of Adolph Hepps family
1920-01 Address of Frank Hepps family
1926-01 Marriage of Florence Hepps & Samuel Hepps
1926-08 Marriage of Mary Hepps & Jacob Hepps
1926-10 Birth of Rose (Hepps) Ripp
1928-04 Birth
1930-04 Address of Alexander Hepps and Samuel W. Hepps families
1930-04 Address of Bernhardt Hepps family
1930-04 Address of Adolph Hepps family
1930-04 Address of Hepps and Wesokys
1940-02 Birth
1940-04 Address of Jacob Hepps family
1942-04 WWII draft registration for A.C. Hepps
1947 Death of Julia Hepps
1957-07 Death of Berthe Hepps
1962-11 Death of Hazel Markowitz
1965-12 Death of Martin Hepps
1966-01 Death of Abraham Hepps
1972-03 Death of Samuel Hepps
1974-08 Death of Hazel Newman
1977-11 Death of Herbert Hepps
1979-07 Death of Jacob Hepps
1981-05 Death of Olga Keisler
1984-04 Death of Ella Hepps
1986-04 Death of Abe Hepps
1990-12 Death of Jacob Hepps